Its game time.

This weekend wasn’t really about a football game for Greenlight.  Rather, this weekend, our new website was launched.

Not that this is earth shattering.  But, the move from a blog to a legitimate website was a step that took some time to make.  It also took us a little time to get together a little story to tell.

At this point the company is on the cusp of getting several ground up projects under construction, and our first interiors project – the Food Pantry and Kitchen at City Square’s opportunity Center – is receiving its final inspections this week.  We finally have pictures to show, and very little of it uses past experience as a crutch. 

This website is intended to be just a simple representation of the work we do.  This blog, to those who actually dig enough into the website to look at it, will - over time - tell our story in (more or less) real time. The News tab will continue to help keep contractors, subcontractors, and the media up to date on projects.  And as we continue to build, so will the projects here.  But the design intent of this site is to reflect how we do business: just keep it simple.